rain knee

by Haley Blais



alone in my room again
you can watch the music videos on my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/torturedteenagestyle


released March 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Haley Blais Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, BC.

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Track Name: in your head
holy father hear what i've done
break your quota for only one

gone away x4

older brother my only son
run for water and walk for non

here to stay x4

come to bed i'll leave the light on for you
take my hand I'm the one to guide you

from the dead x4
it's what you seem most partial to x4

said i don't want your body i just want your mind
don't want your head just the thoughts all inside

in your head x4
it's what you seem most partial to
Track Name: throne
tell me all your secrets
show me where you keep them
i'd reveal my own to you if i trust you won't repeat them
choose your questions wisely
choose your answers wiser
will your hate or fear of love be the element that binds her?

go tell your mama it's the way that it seems
I'm not a level headed woman i'm a cold hearted queen
all i need is a crown and a throne that gleams
so set your standards high and make a fist
they always ask me just to distract me
from all the shit that i've built in my head
they say I'm crazy i tell them maybe
see you through the window blow a kiss

if i tell the truth then all my thoughts will be revealed
your image of perfection shattered like a drunk behind the wheel
keep them hid like priceless art
weeping wailing in the dark
don't be afraid just be smart
sit still while they make their mark

so call my bluff or call my name
then flip a coin and join the game


so call my bluff or call my name then flip a coin and join the game
it isn't hard to rearrange the pieces of your scattered brain